ambeRoad secures pre-seed investment to lay further foundations for rapid growth

Making Enterprise Search a No Brainer — nothing less is made possible by ambeRoad with its intelligent, enterprise search engine amberSearch. The Aachen-based start-up ambeRoad uses the latest developments in the field of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to make the knowledge stored on companies’ servers accessible to their employees. Now they have completed their pre-seed round.

The founders Team from the left: Philipp Reißel, Julian Johannes Reinauer, Igli Manaj, Bastian Maiworm

ambeRoad, an Aachen-based software start-up that makes knowledge for employees easily and intuitively accessible via their intelligent and multimedia enterprise search engine amberSearch has now raised a mid-six-figure sum of capital from five business angels. The capital will be invested in the development of their search engine amberSearch and their sales activities. ambeRoad started with the vision of making enterprise search a no brainer. “We realised that searching for information in the workplace is currently tedious and annoying. ambeRoad ends exactly this annoying search, no one else offers such an easy and fast way to get information. With this investment, we will further democratise access to knowledge within an organisation and thus advance our customers,” says Julian Reinauer, co-founder and CEO of ambeRoad. The international team now comprises six heads and serves clients from technical fields and the insurance industry.

The founders Philipp Reißel, Igli Manaj, Julian Johannes Reinauer and Bastian Maiworm and the team around them have been working on their idea of developing an intelligent search engine for companies for several years now. The team met during their studies at RWTH Aachen University and therefore have an appropriate technical background. “Through the combined use of the latest Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision methods, we manage to deliver an unrivalled multimedia search for our clients’ employees. In doing so, we can deliver the latest features to all clients on a permanent basis through standardisation. In this way, we always offer them the best possible search experience in the long term. The often highly individualised and outdated search interfaces of individual isolated solutions are thus a thing of the past,” says Philipp Reißel, also founder and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) at ambeRoad. The goal is to give users a search option that is just as easy and intuitive as the one they know from the web for public data.

amberSearch allows employees to access internal company knowledge from one central location. Employees can use amberSearch not only to search text documents with keywords, but also to ask entire questions directly. In addition, the start-up enables employees to search other file formats such as images, videos or audio files, which are becoming increasingly relevant in the corporate context. “More and more companies are becoming aware that internal company searches are time-consuming and therefore costly. On the one hand, they realise that their employees spending their time searching quickly costs several thousands of euros per month, but on the other hand, they are also becoming more aware that there are innovative solutions like amberSearch that enable intuitive access to knowledge,” says Bastian Maiworm, co-founder and CSO of ambeRoad.

Ralf Kersting, managing partner of EGU and former President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia, comments on the investment as follows:

“As managing partner of a large, medium-sized family business, I am aware of the increasing flood of data that has to be actively managed by our employees in their day-to-day business without “losing” the historical data in particular because the contexts are no longer present. The founders of ambeRoad have proven that this data complexity can be managed by the search engine they have developed. And they have done so with software that can be easily operated by any user. But I am also pleased to be able to accompany these young entrepreneurs with my experience in the “old economy”.”

The founding team is pleased to have Mirko Kerschbaum on board as another top-class business angel. “ambeRoad addresses a big problem many companies have with legacy data sources that cannot be used by employees via a search function. The team is highly motivated, competent and flexible. I firmly believe they will make our customers very happy and build a successful business.” Kerschbaum is an experienced investor, long-time manager of Fortune 100 companies and one of the first employees at Better Place in Silicon Valley.

Daniel Rüben, a business angel who has successfully exited two start-ups, also joined ambeRoad on their journey: “ambeRoad solves several important everyday problems: On the one hand, I know many friends and acquaintances who always have to spend a lot of time finding the right information in their companies. On the other hand, the topic of “knowledge transfer” is a very important one in SMEs: those SMEs that manage to pass on their knowledge to new employees and a new generation will be more successful compared to those that do not. Both are important reasons for me to invest in the innovative start-up ambeRoad.”

The founding team is now looking forward to further accelerating the growth of ambeRoad with the know-how expansion from the new investors, enabling intuitive access to in-house knowledge for every employee.

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